The Electoral District (or riding) of Bonnyville – Cold Lake consists of:

 Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87
            Hamlet of Ardmore                          Hamlet of La Corey
            Hamlet of Beaver Crossing            Moose Lake
            Hamlet of Beaver Dam                          Muriel Lake
            Hamlet of Cherry Grove                        Hamlet of Therien
            Hamlet of Fort Kent                         Summer Village of Bonnyville Beach
            Hamlet of Iron River                       Summer Village of Pelican Narrows

Town of Bonnyville

City of Cold Lake

Village of Glendon

Below are links to maps that outline the electoral district (riding) boundaries for Bonnyville – Cold Lake riding. You can also find more information about our electoral district by going to the Elections Alberta web site.

Bonnyville-Cold Lake 11X17
City of Cold Lake 11X17
City of Cold Lake 36X48
Town of Bonnyville 11X17
Town of Bonnyville 36X48


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    The west wants in!! You have forgotten to mention to really strong holds; Goodridge aqnd Therien.

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