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Our local healthcare, education and law enforcement professionals need our support! As the Alberta government continues to centralize our services for better management and to reduce government spending has only resulted …

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Our government appears to have stopped regulating the environment and is hoping that the residents and businesses will self-regulate in Alberta’s best interest. With our industry and population growing so …

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Alberta currently has a lack of government planning and funding to our local municipalities.  Whether it’s our deteriorating roads, lack of reasonable housing or  inadequate water access to all our …

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Join the Wildrose Team! I will be doing town halls in your area and hope to see you there or introducing myself at your door. You can also connect with …

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Scott2176#4“My name is Scott Cyr and I am the Candidate for the Wildrose Party in the Bonnyville – Cold Lake Riding and I am asking you for your vote to be the next MLA for our riding.

Like many of you I was an Alberta Progressive Conservative but over the last 10 years, I have witnessed a degradation of the PC government morals and their shift from fiscally conservative to fiscally irresponsible.  Our province runs deeper into debt with no balanced budget in sight and the PCs have broken a multitude of promises to Albertans. It was time for me to get involved. I have never considered myself a political activist, but I am certain that a new party with strong leadership would bring an end to massive debt, party entitlements and an unwillingness to support our essential service workers.

Let’s work together to bring integrity and positive change to Alberta. Through your support I would like to be the next Wildrose candidate for the Bonnyville – Cold Lake riding. It is time to address the problems at a provincial level so that we can start working on our local issues; such as, lack of municipal and infrastructure funding, shortage of affordable housing, removal of health care services, interference with a strong education system and securing a high quality of life for Albertan’s seniors.”


  1. Kim Mcouat says:

    I’d like to be a member of the Wildrose Party. Please provide a contact name to me. Thanks.

  2. When three candidates where here in Bonnyville wanting to be Premier of Alberta all three said to my question. “When is the next election?” All three including Premier Prentice said 2016– IT IS THE LAW. Then when is a law not a law?? Step one in any endeavour is the truth. How can I vote for people who say one thing and then do another? When is the next election is still my question.??

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